Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Report: Keeping the records of science accessible: can we afford it?

Keeping the records of science accessible: can we afford it? is a 14-page report on the 2008 Annual Conference of the Alliance for Permanent Access, held in Budapest on Nov. 4, 2008. Abstract:
This summary aims to highlight those presentations and comments with the greatest relevance for the key theme of the conference, ‘Business models for permanent access’, leaving the reader to gain more detailed insights from the individual powerpoint presentations. Reported by Inge Angevaare, coordinator of the Netherlands Coalition for Digital Preservation.
I won't have time to read this for a while, but as I skim through the report, these points from Neil Williams stand out:
  • Massive and rapidly increasing data flood
  • Responsibility to preserve the correct data, for future need
  • Importance of unified policy either at (inter)national or disciplinary level
  • Preservation is a specialist skill in its own right. Be clear, and separate who is responsible for archiving data (the provider) and preserving and organising the archive (the archivist).

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