Thursday, November 20, 2008

Copyright Clearnance Center launches Ozmo for licensing digital content

I blogged about this yesterday in the SLA IT Division Blogging Section Blog and included the press release. This seems geared towards people who have digital content that they want to sell or license, not organization that have massive content. I wonder, though, what would happen if a digitization program used it to license high quality images from their collection? Would there be a way to input items quickly into Ozmo (bulk loading) or is the process geared towards doing one item at a time?

Some digitization programs might want to use Ozmo (if getting their stuff in there isn't tedious) in order to expose their materials to a different market -- a market that is willing to pay.

I wonder, too, how many sales -- for a specific program -- would make the effort deemed worthwhile?

I have lots of questions. I hope some members of the blogosphere will experiment with Ozmo and provide a few answers.

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Chris Howard said...

Hi, Jill! I led the design and development team for Ozmo. Thank you for posting about us! We'd love to work with large digitization projects requiring licensing.

Right now, the easy way to license in batch through Ozmo is to provide a web page with everything that will fall under that license. Text as well as images, although this works especially well for images. Ozmo will pull in all images from a web page and allow the rightsholder to specify which ones to apply the license.

We have bulk operations for Google's image service Picasa, and we're also working with Flickr and other image sharing platforms to automate the licensing process for these. Flickr users can apply Ozmo licenses right now using the URL to a Flickr Set and in Ozmo specifying the "All images on a web page" option.

Right now, the text licensing works in a way similar to Creative Commons. You can create an Ozmo license and say everything on this blog is licensed under this particular Ozmo license, click here if you want to license one of my blog posts for commercial use.

We're in development for text licensing bulk operations. One way uses RSS to list and select content, and allows you to apply a license to a specific post. We have a lot planned for future releases, including video and audio licensing, but we wanted to get out the door with something relatively simple and build from there.