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Managing Electronic Records and Assets: a Bibliography

The message below was posted to the Metadata discussion list and seemed worth posting here.

This looks like a great resource! Sections of the bibliography include:
  1. Digital Collections
  2. Digital Audio and Video
  3. Digital Images
  4. Digital Texts
  5. Electronic Records
  6. Electronic “Manuscript Collections”
  7. Institutional Repositories
  8. Copyright
  9. Information Literacy
  10. Databases and Programming
This bibliography would be a worthwhile addition to every existing resource list or bibliography on digitization.

As a result of the Society of American Archivists' Council's strategic planning efforts in technology, a Technology Best Practices Taskforce was formed in September 2006 to work with appropriate SAA and ARMA groups to identify competences and standards and to collect, review and clarify best practices relating to all areas of archival practice that are affected by electronic records and digital asset issues.

It is hoped that the outcome will be the development, acceptance and implementation by archivists, records managers and IT professionals of widely accepted standards for archival functions (e.g. accessioning, appraisal, arrangement and description, preservation and access) for born-digital and digitized archival assets utilizing readily available tools.

Through surveys of appropriate sources, the Task Force has produced a document that will serve as a beginning called "Managing Electronic Records and Assets: a Bibliography" and found at:

This email requests the circulation and review of "Managing Electronic Records and Assets: a Bibliography" and the submission of recommendations and comments to

Help us to make "Managing Electronic Records and Assets" a compilation of proven sites, handbooks, articles, case studies and other sources to support best practices research. Elements to consider during your review include:
  • What sources have you found most helpful in your work with electronic records and assets? Annotations indicating why the source was helpful are appreciated.
  • Have the solutions provided by the source had an impact on archival practice?
  • Does the source have good documentation of technical systems and applications?
  • Was the solution proposed by the source a success and what are the characteristics of the success?
  • What can the source teach us?
This call for review and comment will enhance professional practice through the on-going identification and evaluation of electronic records and digital asset management solutions. The Task Force welcomes comments at

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