Sunday, August 19, 2007

Event: Museum Computer Network (MCN) Annual Conference, Nov. 7 – 10, 2007.

I've seen this posted on several discussion list...but no harm in helping them spread the word even further.

Save the Date!

Join the Museum Computer Network in Chicago for our Annual Conference, November 7 – 10, 2007.

Building Content, Building Community: 40 Years of Museum Information and Technology


Visit for registration information, preliminary program and hotel & travel information.

MCN is a nonprofit organization with members representing a wide range of information professionals from hundreds of museums and cultural heritage institutions in the United States and around the world.

Over the past 40 years MCN has become known for the outstanding conferences we produce, bringing together professionals from museums all over—large and small, art, history, science; as well as colleagues from libraries and archives. For years our conferences have explored the latest technology while helping our contemporaries implement best practices in museum technology.

Conferences always feature exemplary speakers and sessions; this year in Chicago we’re kicking off the conference by bringing the whole group together for a day of meetings and plenary talks on the topic of leadership in our museum information profession. The first day of the conference will help set the scene for the stimulating presentations and discussions in the three days to follow.

As the museum field has grown and expanded in the past half-century, we have become more and more specialized, learning primarily from those whose experiences most closely mirror our own – art with art, science with science, etc. This conference will reaffirm and revitalize our broader connections across these types of institutions.

MCN will revive the cross-disciplinary vision of 40 years ago and explore its promise in the present day, encouraging participation from institutions across the museum spectrum. How we are the same? How are we different? How have we dealt, successfully and unsuccessfully, with the overlapping efforts in documentation, professionalism, and use of technology across the museum community? What are we doing right, and what do we need to do better?

Today, MCN members are creating everything from databases to podcasts; handling digital imaging and preservation; and working with information management, IT, and Web 2.0. You name it, our members are doing it, talking about it, and helping others achieve results.

We hope to see you in Chicago!

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