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Events: EU Collaborative Digital Preservation Events

From the Digital-Preservation discussion list.

EU Collaborative Digital Preservation Events
4 September-8 September, 2007
Instituto dos Arquivos Nacionais / Torre do Tombo Lisbon, Portugal

To foster an environment of collaboration and cooperation between multiple stakeholders the European Commission, DPE, PLANETS, CASPAR, and the e-SciDR teams are delighted to announce that they have been working together to deliver a series of consecutive digital curation and preservation events. The events will all be held at the Instituto dos Arquivos Nacionais / Torre do Tombo in Lisbon, Portugal. For more information on the venue and its location, please see The events will take place the week beginning 4 September 2007 and run through to 8 September 2007.


Towards a European e-Infrastructure for e-Science digital repositories
(e-SciDR) Workshop
4 September 2007
The e-SciDR study has been commissioned by the European Commission to formulate policy recommendations with regard to digital repositories and a European e-infrastructure to support them. This workshop will review the study's draft findings and recommendations. Anybody interested in attending the workshop should contact

DPE, PLANETS, and CASPAR Second Annual Conference:
Progress towards Addressing Digital Preservation Challenges
5-6 September 2007
DPE, PLANETS, and CASPAR are delighted to announce their second annual joint conference to introduce participants to a range of tools and resources and to explain how these fit into the evolving context of the international curation and preservation landscape.

Disclosure and Preservation
Fostering European Culture in the Digital Landscape
7-8 September 2007
This international seminar has been organised in the framework of Portuguese EU Presidency 2007. The seminar is aimed at the promotion and development of the online availability of European digital content, this seminar will provide an up-to-date overview and discussion of the matters most relevant to the subject - the need for harmonization, cooperation, and coordination among different stakeholders, member states and their institutions.

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