Thursday, August 30, 2007

Interview with Brewster Kahle

Published on Aug. 15, this interview with Brewster Kahle contains some great quotes -- all classic Brewster Kahle. For example:

Are you surprised to see libraries signing up with Google under restrictive terms?

I'm not surprised that a corporation wants to be the only place someone can get information, and I was not terribly surprised that some libraries went forward with this before they understood how they could do it on their own and how much it would cost to do it for themselves, not only to do the digitization but also to create services around these collections. I was surprised to see more libraries jumping on the Google bandwagon after demonstrating how libraries can do this and after actually doing it with the Open Content Alliance.

And in talking about how the Open Content Alliance can compete with Google, Kahle said:
Revolutions aren't started by majorities.
He does provide some cost information on having materials digitized by the OCA:
At an OCA regional scanning center, we'll scan your materials for 10¢ a page. Audio recordings we can do for about $10 a disc, and videos about $15 per hour. And we'll do all of the hosting for free; you can do the interfaces.
Definitely an article worth reading.

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