Monday, August 20, 2007

Central Florida Memory

Here is another digitization program that is using YouTube to promote itself. Central Florida Memory began in 2002 and continues to grow. It is a place "where visitors can discover what Central Florida was like before theme parks and the space program. Diaries and letters describe the region and how people survived day-by-day in this extreme and rugged environment. Maps, photographs, and postcards illustrate how the region looked in the early years and how it changed over time. Voters’ registration and funeral records and city directories provide demographic information that makes the picture of the Central Florida settler come into focus." Lee Dotson reported that creating the video took more time than she anticipated, but -- with YouTube's popularity -- it is a tool you cannot ignore.

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wundercapo said...

The publicity is nice, but it would be nicer if the website didn't ask for a username and password to view. Perhaps it's a temporary bug?

Lee said...


Thanks for posting the CFM video. We were very fortunate to have a brilliant student willing to create the promo for us. Since our initial intention did not involve YouTube, the time consuming part was converting the original animation files into an appropriate format for uploading. Luckily, our Digital Services unit took this on as a learning experience and experimented with software to create the currently available version.

The username and password issue is a very unfortunate and hopefully extremely temporary bug. We have been experiencing some php handling issues with all of our sites this afternoon and are busy trying to get it resolved. Please check back soon.


wundercapo said...

I did check back, and it did work fine the second time. Thanks for clarifying the problem, and I'm glad it was resolved. It's a great site, and a good example of promotion on YouTube.