Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Last issue of RLG DigiNews

As the introduction states:
The issue in front of you is the last of RLG DigiNews in its current form. As RLG continues to shape its combination with OCLC and create the new Programs and Research division, we are rethinking the publication program that will support our new agenda while providing readers and authors with the kind of vehicle that supports the re-invention of cultural institutions in the research, teaching, and learning process. RLG DigiNews will be an important part of this program. Expect to see it back with a renewed editorial direction. There’s much to do and coordinate but we’ve committed both the talent and the resources to make this happen. Watch for your next RLG DigiNews no later than January, 2008.
The issue includes two articles that give a historical perspective as well as look ahead in our industry:

Like many others, I look forward to this publication's return. For now, these articles have given us much to "chew" on.

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