Friday, April 13, 2007

CIL, Digitization, & Innovative Libraries

This week is a bit of a blur as I prepare to attend Computers in Libraries next week (Arlington, VA). My busy schedule includes moderating a track on Tuesday (Planning & Managing Digitally) and presenting a session with Christina Pikas on "Innovative Libraries: Tales from the Stacks." On Thursday, I'll be giving a full-day workshop on digitization ("Digitization 101: The Workshop").

Computers in Libraries (CIL) is a "small" conference of 2,000+ people. It attracts librarians and other information professionals from a broad range of institution types (something that I think makes CIL unique). The conference assumes that people have a basic understand of the topics being discussed, so session presenters are encouraged to skip basic information and get to the heart of the matter.

Outside of the conference sessions, there are networking opportunities that lead to community building. I am looking forward to seeing face-to-face (rather than virtually) those I met last year as well as putting faces to names of those that I've been communicating with but have not yet met "live."

If you are going to be at CIL, please grab me and say "hello." And if we get a chance, maybe we can sit and talk about our favorite subject (digitization).

Finally, I'll be blogging CIL, so you'll see blog posts here next week about the conference.
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