Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CIL2007: Wrap-up & thank you

The official conference is over and tomorrow are the post-conference workshops (including mine). This has been a very good conference. Excellent keynote speakers, excellent sessions. I heard good comments on the content from lots of people. Information Today and the hotel made some adjustments during the conference in order to better accommodate the participants, including turning a men's restroom outside the meeting rooms into a women's restroom! (Okay, that may not sound like a big deal, but it was to a lot of women.) There was an overflow room for the one small meeting room with A/V so more people could hear/see the presentations (although they could not see the presenter).

As Jane Dysart, conference planner, wrote in a comment on this blog:
Let the planning for CIL 2008 begin! And yes, there will be changes at our event next year at the Hyatt. And for those who are still wondering about why we are at the Hyatt, here's my blog post from last year,
So a final thanks to Information Today for a wonderful conference. Thanks, too, for the wifi access in the meeting room area (ballroom level). Every conference should provide that so that participants can look at URLs mentioned in presentations, download presentations, blog and communicate (often with each other).

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