Thursday, February 15, 2007

Web site: Know Your Copy Rights

My schedule had me driving to SUNY Cortland today to do a presentation entitled "What’s Yours is Mine (Not!): Innovation, Culture & Copyright." However, with some counties under travel restrictions due to the massive amounts of snow we've received (and more snow on its way), it was decided to cancel the event. (It will be rescheduled.) I enjoy driving in snow, but I know the drive to Cortland today would not have been pleasant.

With copyright on my mind today, I was pleased to see this new web site -- Know Your Copy Rights produced by the Association of Research Libraries. This is a "Web site for librarians who are developing positive educational programs for academic users of copyrighted materials in US not-for-profit institutions." The three main sections on the site are:
The site is focused on explaining the "opportunities provided it in the law." The opportunities are in form of the limitations (or exceptions) that are written into the law to help librarians and educators. By the way, there is information included about using copyrighted materials online.

This site is still being developed, so look for more content to be available soon.

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