Thursday, February 22, 2007

AHDS Visual Arts web site

Looking at the AHDS Visual Arts web site, there are several resources there for Creating Digital Resources, including subsections on:
One of the papers on the site is "A life after the project - continuation and sustainability." This paper begins by saying: (emphasis added)
Although it may seem difficult to imagine at the start of a project, the time will come when the project ends. That may be because the object of the project is fulfilled or because the project funding runs out. Hopefully the project will have created a number of good electronic resources by then, whether these are the main output (such as in resource creation or resource enhancement projects) or a by-product of a research project. To make sure the electronic resources are not lost but can be shared and/or reused also after the end of the project, the project needs to think about sustainability. Sustainability is, however, not something that only needs to be considered at the end of a project. Indeed, at that stage it may already be too late.
Those words should make anyone stand up and take notice.

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