Saturday, February 03, 2007

Aqua Teen Hunger Force guerrilla marketing in Boston

On Wednesday, what were suspected to be bombs were found in the city of Boston. This captivated every TV news channel and many people. By the time I saw the news, they had determined that some of them were not bombs, but they weren't sure what they were. They turned out to be advertisements. (news story) This was a guerrilla marketing tactic. I wondered what Seth Godin, who is well-known for his writing on guerrilla marketing would have to say about this event. Yesterday he published his thoughts.

What stood out to me in his words is when he says that it is almost impossible to go anywhere where there isn't an ad. With so many ads, it is harder to stand out -- to make an impression. For us -- who often work at institutions with non-existent marketing budgets -- the ability to compete with the other ads and marketing messages is very difficult. We need to be creative. We also need to understand how our marketing messages will be accepted. Will they be so creative that people won't understand them? Will they receive the wrong message? Or will they understand the message and re-tell it to others?

I suspect that some of those behind this marketing work for Aqua Teen Hunger Force are asking these same questions...

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