Thursday, February 01, 2007

EPA and NASA libraries

As you may know (especially if you are in the U.S.), the U.S. government is looking to "downsize" the library systems that support the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and NASA. This is part of a larger effort which has included closing the headquarter libraries for the General Services Administration (GSA) and Department of Energy (DOE). In order to save money and increase access, the government is digitizing documents that will then be available electronically. Looking specifically at the EPA, libraries have been closed before it was known that their contents would be available/accessible in electronic format. (And that means both having the content digitized and knowing that they truly can be accessed.)

I've created two searches in Topix so I can follow the happenings with these libraries a bit more. The searches will likely not find everything, but since this is big news to many people, many publications are covering the story...and these searches will surely find that information. (And honestly, I don't want to be flooded with information.) Here are links to the searches I've created, in case you would like to also read recent articles on this topic:
(BTW I've added these searches to my Bloglines account, so I'll get new content as it becomes available. Aren't RSS feeds wonderful?!)

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