Wednesday, March 22, 2006

CIL2006: Failing to Innovate: Not an Option

The session went quite will with a large crowd and some people standing. Here is the PowerPoint and list of additional resources. The questions asked afterwards were excellent and good comments/input, too, from the audience.

Questions included:

What are innovation stoppers?
  • Tying ideas to money (we don’t have the money).

  • We’ve done it before.

  • Fearful of change.

  • Waiting to see what others have done (and how it worked for them).
How do you get staff to be more innovative?
  • Do innovation training,

  • Use the process, even without training, to step people through how to generate and select ideas.

  • Use an outside facilitator for the ideation session (idea generation session).
I'll post more about my talk later. Please be patient...access here is spotty and I may have to do a major catch-up on everything next week.

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