Wednesday, March 22, 2006

CIL2006: Chris Sherman (Opening keynote)

Tom Hogan Sr. opened the morning and gave statistics on the conference.

This is the 21st year of the conference.

  • 2,386+ attendees

  • 2,005 registered for the full conference

  • 198 coming for the exhibit all only

  • 183 who are staffing the exhibit hall

The group represents 39 U.S. states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico (missing was Mississippi) and 17 countries including Egypt, Thailand, Taiwan, U.K., Canada and Slovenia.

There are 150 speakers and moderators.  60 companies exhibiting.

Chris Sherman in the Executive Editor of  He spoke about:

  • Ask

  • Google

  • MSN

  • Yahoo

I have lots of notes (which I’ll not type in now).  Key thoughts:

  • The search engines are constantly changing

  • They are doing more than just search

  • What they do now may have to do with a longer-term strategy that we cannot yet see

  • They are developing very cool tools

  • We need to keep looking and what they are doing and experimenting with what they have

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