Thursday, March 23, 2006

CIL2006: Creative Visibility: Toolbars and Game Nights

I went to the session on Creative Visibility, but got there late, so I have no coherent notes for the first presenter.  However, the second presenter was “Giz” Womack from Wake Forest Univ. who spoke about having gaming in the library.  He has done several gaming events for the college students.  He has been creative in how he has obtained equipment as well as advertising the events.  He really partnered with people on campus (including students) in order to make it happen.  The goal was not to “sell” library services, but to just get the students aware of and comfortable with this thing called “library.”

Giz is very enthusiastic about what they have been able to do and would like to talk with other librarians about having game nights.   He’d even like to talk to librarians who have not been successful, since we learn both from successes and failure.  His e-mail is .

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