Wednesday, December 07, 2005

List of digitization guidelines

Abigail Sattler at Liberty University asked the Archives discussion list for pointers to a good set of standards for digitizing print materials. The group provided her with following list, which I'm publishing here (unedited) with Abigail's permission:
Are their more? Undoubtedly. Feel free to post a comment and tell us what should be included from your point of view (or region or the world).

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Slippery Eel said...

Arts and Humanities Data Service Information Papers deal with project management, data capture, metadata, sustainibility and assessing user needs.

Mike said...

Another great resource is: National Arhcives,

As well as:

Dimitrios Tsolis said...

The Minerva Project has also a selected list of Digitization Guidelines...

Also ONLY in GREEK language, Digitization Guidelines could be found at