Thursday, December 08, 2005

Article: Web log promotes connection: South Side Entrepreneurial Connect Project begins to yield results.

This article relates to another project I'm involved in (and is unrelated to digitization). I thought I'd post the link so people will know that I actually do more than just think about digitization (although I do think about digitization for most of my waking hours). [The article will be available for free online for another week or so.]

The South Side Entrepreneurial Connect Project was started last year by Syracuse University, and brings together students and faculty with local business owners. From their work, the students learn more about entrepreneurship. The business owners benefit by having access to resources to help them improve their businesses. The Project has spawned an association (South Side Entrepreneurial Association) and a business incubator that will open in 2006. And there is a blog, which I maintain. The benefits I reap are in the networking opportunities as well as learning from presentations given at the SSEA meetings.

I don't think the people who attend the SSEA meetings have yet figured out what an information professional can do for them. For now, I've been just trying to get them to contribute information to the blog and promote the blog as a way of telling others about what's going on. Next year I'll have to begin banging on the "information is power" drum!

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