Thursday, December 29, 2005

Larry Lessig on the Creative Commons

As you should know, the Creative Commons has created licenses for people to use that allow them to give away some intellectual property rights on their creative works, while also retaining soom. You also should know that the Creative Commons (CC) is doing some fund raising in order to continue its work, and hopes that it can remain a not-for-profit organization. Larry Lessig yesterday did a nice job talking about the funding raising effort (why and what the money will be used for), as well as how the fund raising ties into remaining a not-for-profit. It is not a long post and is easy to read.

As a person who often preaches about respecting intellectual/creative rights, I was thrilled when I became aware of the CC and its efforts. Their licenses help us to what we often intend -- to allow people to use our works in a way that is fair and respectful. If you have not checked out the licenses available from the Commons, please do. I think you'll be pleased at the options they provide to you and to your users.

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