Monday, December 19, 2005

Google's Newsletter for Librarians, Dec. 2005

This is not related to digitization, although it is something digital library or digital images projects might imitate.

Google has released its first newsletter for librarians. This newsletter contains an introductory letter and an article entitled "How does Google collect and rank results?" The article includes two exercises that you (or your students/patrons/??) could perform in order to learn more about ranking search results.

Google undoubtedly sees this as a way of answering/addressing the questions that the librarian community has about its system. They also see it as a way of engaging in a conversation with librarians. (Odd that the own Blogger, but chose not to blog.)

Here are questions for you -- How are you addressing the questions of your user community? Do you have a newsletter, a blog, an FAQ? How are you engaging your users in conversation?

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