Monday, November 21, 2005

Who is reading Digitization 101?

I have two searches that run constantly to see where this blog is being mentioned. I did it to help me understand who is reading this blog and hopefully to be able to target postings more to my readers. The mentions come from places I'd suspect, as well as unexpected places (e.g., blogs published in French and German). Thankfully, I can use Babelfish to give me a rough translation of the pages.

The searches I have running are in Feedster and Google. They are not perfect, but they do deliver interesting results. And they have helped me find other blogs that I finding interesting and informative.

In case your curious, looking at the counter I have on the blog, I'm getting an average of 82 visits per day from around the world (every continent). That does not include all the people who read this blog through a blog reader. I've gotten messages from some of you. It would be wonderful to meet more of you, especially if there is a topic you would like addresses here.

Addendum, 11/23/2005: Guenter Waibel at RLG wrote to remind me of the PubSub features to check Daily Link Counts and Site Statistics. I had actually just started using it and it is an interesting tool.

Addendum, 11/23/2005, 2:44 p.m.: I should also mention that PubSub has a list of librarian blogs and shows them ranked against each other by something called ListRank. Besides seeing how a blog ranks (or not), you'll likely find a few blogs that you didn't know about and perhaps should investigate.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I read your blog from France and I'm very interested in digitization topics. Especially "digitization-isn't-the-hard-part" stuff ;-) So keep on blogging !