Thursday, November 10, 2005

eEurope Digitization Week, November 14-17, 02005

The Ten Thousand Year blog has a posting about the eEurope Digitization Week to be held November 14-17, 2005. The press release that the blog quotes says:
Monday 14th November- Thursday 17th November will see a week of events promoting the use of digital collections in museums, libraries and archives across Europe.
The week includes the events to promote MICHAEL, the Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe. According to the MICHAEL web site:
MICHAEL aims to provide simple and quick access to the digital collections of museums, libraries and archives from different European countries. Work began in June 2004, with the focus on implementing an innovative multi-lingual open source platform that will be equipped with a search engine. By 2007, the MICHAEL platform will be capable of retrieving digital collections that are dispersed across Europe. There will be many uses for MICHAEL, for example students and researchers will be able to discover information about European collections that might previously have been difficult to find. The services will also support cultural tourism, the creative industries and other interests.
I think we'll have to learn more about MICHAEL....

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