Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Market for used scanners?

Occasionally I get an e-mail message that lists used scanner which are available for purchase. Today's email was from James River Systems. (It could be that all of the e-mails with used equipment have been from them...I haven't tracked that.) It has never crossed my mind to buy a used scanner. Just like a used car, you wouldn't know what horrors it had been through. But a good used scanner could -- I guess -- help launch a project that couldn't afford new equipment.

It looks like James River Systems will sell equipment on consignment, too, and even make introductions (for a price) between a purchaser and someone who has equipment to sell. And besides giving equipment a second lease on life and providing equipment to a projectt that couldn't afford new equipment, they are helping to keep equipment out of landfills. An interesting business...

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