Thursday, November 17, 2005

My web site is down

Actually, it has been down for more than a day due to a server that is dying. I have e-mail (thank goodness), but no web presence other than this blog.

When your web site is down, it is like you don't exist. Your "public" face is gone. No one can find you. Maybe Internet hosting services should develop some affordable mirror site ideas, which would guarantee that a web site is always available no matter what. (BTW thank goodness for cached sites in Google and those archived at the Internet Archive. And why does the Wayback Machine not show any pages archived for this year?)

People have asked why my blog is not part of my web site. The simple truth is that I didn't even think about putting on the same site as my web site, when I set it up. And now I'm happy that my blog is someplace else (Blogger) and available when my site is not.

The prognosis is that my site will be back up tomorrow. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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