Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What would happen if... (a one-act play)

I failed to mention that there was a short play done at the NYLA annual conference "about how library systems provide effective services and what would happen if they were forced to close." (from the flyer) I wish more people had seen it because it did really show the problems very quickly of what happens when a system fails and the libraries are no longer "attached" to each other. In the play, a father and daughter are trying to return books as well as obtain information she needs for a school project. However, the library can't help them even though the information is available elsewhere. No interlibrary loan or access to resources outside of the library's own four walls. No access to the services that we all take for granted.

If you would like more information on the one-act play (perhaps so you can do something similar), contact Debby Emerson at the Rochester Regional Library Council.

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Anonymous said...

We're not charging royalties (yet!) for this play, and I'd be happy to share it if anyone is interested. It was originally designed for trustee training here in the Rochester area, just before library lobby day last March. Feel free to contact me - demerson@rrlc.org