Sunday, February 04, 2007

Quick follow-up: Aqua Teen Hunger Force guerrilla marketing

One person e-mailed me and wondered if the real story was that Boston overreacted. I wonder if the real story is that these things did not cause alarm for many days. They had quickly become part of the environment. Many people saw them, but these lights did not "stand out" to them. If anyone was curious about them, they were not curious enough to inquire and figure out what they were. Of course, some people knew what the figures were and thought the things were cool.

Like many ads, they blended in. In a world that is plastered with ads, how can our messages about the information products that we are producing stand out? In Chip Heath's words, how can we create sticky messages about our products that people will remember?

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Kelvin said...

Excellent points, Jill. We are bombarded with ads and messages and I , for one, tune out probably 99% of them, to the point that if I didn't ask for it, there's a high probability that I will disregard it immediately. The same with items "in our environment."

I'll be working on that sticky message lesson.