Monday, July 18, 2011

Digitization 101 - Improvements

As I announcement on Friday, Digitization 101 is getting a few changes and they've been implemented!  The changes are: 
  • Consolidation of labels - those tags (on the right) that allow you to see posts on similar topics.  I eliminated several labels that were not heavily used and added several new ones.  Those labels will retrieve the most recent blog posts in those categories.
  • A Google search box - This has been added above the "Popular Labels".  It will load the search results in that sidebar.  Any Internet search engine is not perfect, including Google.  If your search term is used in one of the sidebars, Google will retrieve many more pages that are necessary.  My suggestion is to try several search terms, perhaps selecting first a term that is not as popular in this blog (e.g., digitization). Yes, you will occasionally see Google ads (a feature that I can't control).
  • The addition of "AddThis" - If you look below this blog post, you will see options that allow you to share any blog post more easily. 
While I've been testing the changes, I would appreciate feedback from you, especially if something is not working correctly (or could work better).  Thanks!

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