Friday, July 08, 2011

Article: Do Not Forward This Article!

It is an all-too-common workplace scenario in the digital age: An employee receives an e-mail containing a weekly business newsletter to which his employer has subscribed for years. Thinking the information will be useful to others at the company, the employee forwards the e-mail to his boss and co-workers, and also posts the report to the company's intranet site...What the employee does not realize, however, is that this seemingly innocuous business practice could expose him and his employer to civil liability for copyright infringement.
The legal case mentioned in the  article cost the company $20 million in damages for years of copyright infringement.  The case and other information are laid out to remind you that you shall not copy, but doesn't discuss fair use at all (or risk).  Still it is worth reading AND worth reminding your colleagues about the law, any guidelines you have put into place, and who is actually taking the risk when copying is done.

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