Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog posts: The Future is Collaborative Part I & II

Last year, Günter Waibel, Program Officer at OCLC Research, wrote a two-part series on collaboration:
Waibel wrote:
...the 17,500 museums in the U.S. effectively divide what they have to offer over an equal number of institutional websites. To make matters worse, cultural content is not only silo’d into segregated sites, but further dispersed across 122,356 libraries and countless archives (I literally couldn’t find a count) across the U.S. All of them believe that they are at the center of their user’s universe – and none of them truly are.
I have written here before abiut the need for collaboration. Waibel's words serve as another reminder of their benefit.

If you haven't yet collaborated, what are you waiting for?

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