Thursday, February 07, 2008

Resources on digitization project management

On Tuesday, Jeff asked a question on the IMAGELIB discuss list about locating "a recent, up-to-date handbook or guide to digitization project management, in particular with practical advice for building digital image databases." Responses came from around the world and, as I promised the group, I am posting the list of resources here. You'll notice that some of the resources may not be on-target (according to Jeff's criteria), but they are ones that people felt should be mentioned. If you know of resources that you think should be mentioned, please leave a comment on this blog post. We will all be very grateful!

BTW one of the things I noted is that something written earlier in this decade may still be good. In my mind, we gained enough knowledge in the 1990s in order to be clear now about what digitization is and how it should be done.

The Resources
  • Jill Marie Koelling. Digital Imaging: A Practical Approach. AltaMira Press, 2004.
  • Anne R. Kenney and Oya Y. Rieger, Moving Theory into Practice: Digital Imaging for Libraries and Archives. Mountain View, CA: Research Libraries Group, Inc., 2000.

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