Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My late winter and spring schedule

Gear Up! Digitization 101 workshopI just noticed that the RSScalendar on the left side of this blog isn't working, and I have no idea why. Hopefully it will correct itself soon. 2/21/2008: I've changed the RSS Calendar twice on the left side of this blog. They made changes to their feeds and have eliminated the feed I really liked. Hopefully, they'll build new feeds so that I can display what is coming this year, without displaying the entire year (and events that have passed).

Although Punxsutawney Phil -- the most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania -- has predicted six more weeks of winter, however, spring will be here very quickly and along with it, some great conferences like Computers in Libraries (April) and the Special Libraries Association Annual Conference (June). I'll be at both of those events (as well as others), and I hope to see you then. Perhaps for coffee?

Here is my current speaking and travel schedule for the next five months, as well as the dates of two conferences that I'm helping to organize:
  • Feb. 28 -- Presentation and panel discussion, ASTD CNY Chapter Event on Second Life, East Syracuse, NY
  • Feb. 29 -- Workshop, Promotion & Use of Digital Projects, Cortland, NY (SCRLC & CLRC)
  • Mar. 4 -- Organizing Committee, Unconference on the Future of Libraries, East Syracuse, NY -- part of the Library Camp@Syracuse
  • Mar. 5 -- Organizing Committee, Collection Development Conference, East Syracuse, NY -- part of the Library Camp@Syracuse
  • Mar. 18 -- Presentation, Tour of InfoIsland, Second Life (web conference for Education Institute)
  • Mar. 19 -- Presentation, Second Life & Libraries, Wheeling, IL (North Suburban Library System)
  • Mar. 27 -- Presentation, Social Networking Tools & Second Life, Cortland, NY (Postponed from December due to the weather)
  • Apr. 6 -- Workshop, Digitization 101, Crystal City, VA (Computers in Libraries)
  • June 15 -- Workshop, Digitization Essentials, Seattle, WA (SLA Annual Conference)
  • June 16 -- Panel Discussion, What's all the Buzz about Social Networking, Seattle, WA (SLA Annual Conference)
  • June 17 -- Panel Moderator, Building Bridges, Creating Partnerships, Seattle, WA (SLA Annual Conference)
The workshop at Computers in Libraries (CIL) is a half-day workshop (1:30 - 4:30 p.m.) and is open to anyone. You do not have to register for the conference in order to register for the workshop. The agenda for the workshop includes a look at what digitization is, the five major steps in the digitization process, how project managers create a successful digitization program, copyright and other intellectual property issues, how to market a digitization program and get it funded, trends, and more.

The workshop at the SLA Annual Conference is a full-day workshop (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) and is open to anyone. You do not have to register for the conference in order to register for the workshop. The description is:
Digitization is much more than converting a physical or analog object into its digital equivalent: it efficiently repurposes crucial information resources to improve their use by staff, colleagues, and end-users. For libraries, digitization can open the collection to a much larger user-base, whether that user-base is comprised of researchers, students, or business people. A dangerous trap for digitization efforts is to focus on the conversion process instead of other, mission critical, pre-scanning issues such as selection criteria, preservation of original documents, metadata creation, software and hardware concerns, integration into existing systems, and legal issues. These issues and more will be discussed in this workshop.
Obviously, there will be much more detail in the full-day workshop. However, I promise to pack everyone's head full of information at CIL as well as provide access to resources that help them in their projects.

For more information on any of the events on my calendar, please contact the sponsoring organization or me. If you would me to speak at your event, please give me a shout.

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