Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Project & Program (definition)

I often find myself defining these two words during a workshop and trying to make a distinction between the two. We talk about digitization projects as well as digitization programs, but what is the difference? This is what I say...

A project has a defined beginning and end. Resources -- e.g., staff and funding -- are allocated specifically for the length of the project. Projects are often not integrated into an organization's mission and goals. Many digitization efforts have been projects.

A program is ongoing. It is part of what the organization does both now and in the future. A program is part of the organization's mission and not something that might be considered an after-thought. A program receives ongoing funding. It has people to attend to it ongoing basis. Although some digitization programs are called projects, a look at the details will tell you if it is something that is meant to end or something that will be ongoing.

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