Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Event: International Conference on Digital Preservation, Dec. 14 - 16, 2006

As found on the Digital-Preservation discussion list:

Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale, a member of Digital Preservation Europe consortium (www.digitalpreservationeurope.eu) is organising an International Conference on Digital Preservation "Cultural Heritage on line - the challenge of accessibility and preservation" that will be held in Florence (Italy) on 14 - 16 of December 2006 (www.rinascimento-digitale.it/conference). In this event the new projects on digital preservation funded by the European Commission, namely DPE, CASPAR, PLANETS, will present their planning. On Saturday 16 December a Workshop organised by DPE will take place, entitled "Scholarly Research Citation of Web Resources and Long-Term Preservation" (www.digitalpreservationeurope.eu/events/workshop_citation).

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