Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blog post: Google buys JotSpot, the application wiki company

This title from the Ten Thousand Year Blog says it all:
Google buys JotSpot, the application wiki company
I did an interview yesterday with a reporter from IDG, who is writing about Blogger, something Google purchased several years ago. The question people are asking about Blogger is why Google hasn't improved that service, given the resources Google has at its disposal. As Google continues to purchase established companies that create content, I think the spotlight will shine bright on what it does and doesn't do with these acquisitions. Google is obviously amassing content (or access to content), but is it doing it in a way that allows it to continue to make friends, or is annoying people who will begin to turn elsewhere for services?

I hope that those institutions that are doing massive projects with Google step back and ask hard questions of the company. What does its management of Blogger, for example, say about the company and how it operates?

Addendum (7:30 p.m.): The InfoWorld (IDG publication) article, that I was interviewed for, is here.

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Anonymous said...

Google has yet to improve their search output. Keyword clustering would be a big help. If other smaller search engines can offer this feature, why can't Google. I also agree that Google should be improving what it buys. Given that Google also bought YouTube, Time Magazine's 2006 Invention of the Year, we will be watching developments with that service as well.