Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SLA2016 : SLA Annual Business Meeting

Independence Hall
On stage were:
  • Tom Rink, president 
  • Jill Strand, past president
  • Dee Magnoni, president elect
  • James King, secretary
  • Nick Collison, treasurer
  • Amy Burke, executive director
Rink notes that this meeting is not about looking back, but rather looking forward.  He mentioned several of the changes that have occurred, which are propelling us forward.

Nick Collison and Amy Burke - the annual financial report

  • Nick thanked staff and John DiGilio, our former treasurer, and his team for the groundwork they did.
  • We are "one SLA."
  • Total 2015 assets, $7.2 million
  • Total 2015 liabilities, $2.2 million
  • Total 2015 net assets, $4.9 million
James King - SLA Connect
  • All SLA members have been added to this global community.
  • This replaces our email lists and our wiki. 
  • This is a collaborative community with more functionality.
  • The SLA email lists will conclude on July 1, 2016.
  • Wiki will conclude on August 1, 2016.
  • There are some cleanup activities that need to occur before that happens.
  • We now have a single sign-on!
  • You can customize your profile and jump into the discussions.
  • This will make it easier to talk and share across the association.
  • King notes a long list of future ideas for SLA Connect including mentor match, enhanced archive functionality, event registration and membership histories.
Dee Magnoni and Amy Burke - Mapping the Future 

Key priority areas: 
  • Engagement
  • Knowledge
  • Partnerships 
  • Success
Goal - infrastructure and operations
  • SLA manages all finance, accounting and budgeting functions according to the highest professional standards
  • SLA has in place appropriate information technology to support association fictions
  • SLA employs clear and consistent communication practices.
Goal - organizational structure - include 
  • Divisions reflect industry standards trends
  • Chapters where feasible provide networking and professional development
Goal - learning tools and resources
  • Updated competencies adopted in April 2016
  • Learning context created throughout the organization
  • Stakeholders and constituents work collaboratively to address the range of learning objectives
  • Do a webinar with the same information.  This session is being recorded!
  • How many people were at the conference? How many paid attendees?  Could a preliminary number be given at the start of the conference?  ~2500 total with ~600 who were exhibitors (industry partners)  
    • July 8, 2016 update:  The final numbers were:
      Total Conference Registrants: 1758
      Total Exhibit Personnel: 753
      Total Conference Attendees: 2511
  • There was a question about liabilities and how they calculate on financials given.
  • There was a public note of thanks and a feeling of positiveness.
  • Recommendation - ask functional descriptions to the staff directory.  Burke notes that the web site is going to enhanced with more information on the staff and the Board.  
  • Recommendation - do a better job of being hospitable to the exhibitors.  Let me know what they schedule is.  Burke noted that she and others recognize how important our industry partners are, and they will be working to provide more information to them going forward.
  • Will working with vendor partners change for chapters and divisions?  No decisions have been made in that regard.
  • Yes, revenue exceeded expenses.
  • The building sold for ~$4 million.  ~$3 million net (after paying some of our debts).  A new investment has been hired and a new investment policy will be created, including how to access those reserves.  The intent is to use the money to enhance SLA.
  • Yes, the financial information will be shared on the SLA web site after the numbers are final fro mother auditors.
  • There was a lot of energy in the conference this year.
  • Are we benchmarking against other organizations?  Can we learn from other organizations?  MCI manages 25 associations in the U.S. and many others worldwide.  We benefit from what MCI is doing with other clients.  Other association conferences are growing.  We should grow too.
  • Will unit content be openly shared across units?  Would that weaken the units? Each unit automatically has two communities - one for the board and one for members. In terms of sharing,    there is more thinking to be done.
  • What controls and constraints will be put in place so we don't occur that type of debt again?  We need to run like a business.  We need to create and follow our budgets.  We need to report bad news quickly and make adjustments.  We need to be good financials stewards.
  • What alternative revenue streams might we create?  A past board looked into that.  Burke said that she is stil reading past documents.
  • There is a pooled resources initiative.  
  • How can industry partners engage with us, if they are not members and are not on SLA Connect?
  • Comment about the room rate in Phoenix being higher than the per diem rate.
  • Scholarships for MSLIS students have not been given out for a number of years.  Will we be re-implementing that again in the future?  Something that we could look into.
  • Engage MSLIS programs to use the SLA competencies.
  • More positives about out association management company.

Updated: 06/17/2016 & 07/08/2016

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