Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SLA2016 : Marilyn Johnson, keynote, and comments from the 2017 conference chair

Tom Rink asked that we consider SLA our sandbox, where we can learn and experiment.

Marilyn Johnson is the author of several books including This Book is Overdue!
  • Since 2006, she has been talking to, learning from, and writing about librarians and libraries.
  • What led her to write about librarians was speaking at library conferences about her book on obituary writers.
  • Librarians have greatly influenced how she works and the tools she uses.
  • What makes us  great are those things we do naturally.  Most people aren't like this. Some people think that what we so is magic.
  • Librarians are examples of organization and access to those in the world around them.
  • Librarians have proved tips and tools for her over the years.
  • Even though she has two degrees, she often doesn't know how to ask what she needs to know.
  • Librarians lead by identifying needy populations and services them.
  • Johnson provided examples of librarians who have worked specifically with writers.
Brandy King, the 2017 conference chair, provided a peek into the Phoenix conference.
  • We're a stronger association.
  • The standards are being raised for next year's conference.
  • A general session each day.
  • Several conference steams with 5-8 programs at different levels.
  • Conference sessions will be mapped to the SLA competencies.
  • Lower hotel costs in Phoenix.
  • Lots of direct flights.
  • She thanked the staff for making the job of the program planners easier.

Updated: 06/17/2016

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