Wednesday, December 23, 2015

From the Lost & Found - CILDC : New Library Learning Experiences: STEAM and Video

In my end of the year cleaning - also known as the avoidance of grading papers - I found this draft blog post from the Computers in Libraries Conference, which I had never published.  As the saying goes, better late than never!

The presenters were:
  • Mikael Jacobsen - Skokie Public Library
  • Shauna Masura - Skokie Public Library
The library went through a realignment.  After the realignment, all of the departments overlap.  There are now departments on community engagement, learning experiences, customer service, access, youth services, IT and adult services.

They repurposed space to create new spaces for Learning Experiences, e.g., a media lab (an old office).

They now do pop-up programming, rather than formal programming.  Pop-up programming is when the drop into the space with a quick program that the kids can participate in.  By not announcing it in advance, they can change programs on the fly.

BOOMbox receives new tools every three months for fabrication, design, etc.  it is a flexible space for flexible learning opportunities.  Once an item is removed from the room, it might then circulate for a while.  The space allows kids to try new things actively.

Skokie is using badges to help students demonstrate that they have met their learning goals.  Their first badging system was the Maker Master Challenge Badge, which was paper-based.  Then the transferred what they learned into a digital badge system.  The system they used to build their badging system was Captain Up, which was learned earlier this year.  While it received limited use, the feedback will be incorporated into a new system.

An upcoming program will be on growing things and hydroponics.  (Bloombox)

The BOOMbox is staffed by student volunteers and staff.

They are also participating in MOOCs, using a flipped classroom approach.  

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