Tuesday, April 08, 2014

#CILDC : Method for the three-dimensional digitization of books using terahertz radiation (patent)

Stephen Abram mentioned this during his session yesterday at CIL and I've located the patent,which is available at http://www.google.com/patents/US8564855

A process for digitizing closed books without having to open them, of printed documents or manuscripts, bound or in batches, without having to separate them, using an imaging system of a three-dimensional object by Terahertz waves including acquiring by an THz acquisition subsystem a set of three-dimensional low-resolution images representative of this object and obtained by application of shifts orthogonal three-dimensional in translation according to which the object and the THz acquisition subsystem are relatively shifted relative to each other, a process in which, during these three-dimensional shifts, the amplitude of the relative shift in each of these three dimensions is less than the spatial resolution of the THz acquisition subsystem in each of these three dimensions and a three-dimensional super-resolution processing step is provided, capable of generating a super-resolved 3D image from a linear combination of 3D low-resolution images and an image-restoration step capable of generating a restored super-resolved 3D image from deconvolution by the point spread function calculated from the 3D super-resolution image.

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