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#CILDC : Ideas from the "Enabling Innovation" brainstorming session

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During my session this morning, I had approximately 200 people do a brainstorming exercise.  If you look at my slides, you can see the topics and brainstorming techniques that they were to use.  I'm impressed that people did decide to use new-to-them brainstorming techniques AND that the interaction seemed fruitful.  Tables were encouraged to share with me their lists, so the could be posted and shared. This is the intent of this blog post...which may be long. Did a mention that there were 200 people?! So this may be a bit messy...and I'll add more as they become available.

First, these people posted their lists online!
Now for the notes I received in email...(I've included the emailer's name.  If that is a problem, please let me know.)  Apologies for the different fonts, etc., but I'm not going to try to edit fonts or do massive spellchecking. 

Tom Horan wrote:
My group and I decided to do the “brandstorming” rule and used Ikea as our brand. I jotted down our ideas and this is what we came up with:
-Various small, open spaces in the way of Ikea’s walkthrough displays. The genius of Ikea’s design is that you have to walk past every display before getting to the end. You may go into Ikea only looking for a bookshelf, but being that you walk along one path, one may wind up leaving with a lot more than what they had intended to buy. Imagine this concept applied to a library.
-Rather than the pencil and paper Ikea provides, we thought about having a swipe card for each resource/display area. The customer can swipe as they go and then collect their resources at the end!
-Instead of having a heavy reliance on just text we also want to incorporate visuals/aesthetics. Although we would be providing books and NOT hard to assemble furniture, we all like the idea behind Ikea’s image only instructions; that anyone globally (in theory!) regardless of literacy level can follow their instructions.
I think we all loved the idea of people being able to enjoy nice aesthetics but also being able to handpick and craft their own experience based upon their individual needs. 
Robert Goodman wrote:
Role Storming - technique (roles and ideas)

Beatrix Potter

comfy library
No sharp edges, window seats, low bookcases, teashops & scones, vegetable garden. rabbits, tea cozies
Gardening and keeping animals
Art gallery


Temperance Brennan (Bones) -

laboratory for dissecting the rabbits
fridge to keep the deceased rabbits
science books
coroner's lab for how rabbits died
computing technology
sterile environment
soft rock and jazz music
learning for young minds - dissecting the rabbits


Henry - 10 year old boy

Place to bring people together - large family intergenerational meeting rooms
Projects to make intergenerational rooms
Accessibility for all in need (ADA compliant)
Fantasy - all kinds of fantasy


Captain Kirk

As many cultures involved as possible
Technology to explore
Language labs
Captain Kirk would need a nice chair - for his information section
And he would need a Spock
Imagination zone
Klingon Theater

Brody Selleck wrote:

We did a Brand Storming based on Disney. Here is our list:
- Seamless, perfect user interface
- Catchy theme song
-Family friendly, inclusive
-Very intuitive interface, easy to use.
-Fun, colorful
-Premium services
-Interactive games, Lots of playing
-Consistently focused ideas
- Mascots
- A tablet-device could contain a lot of our Disney-branded content
- Things to do while you’re waiting for your content
- Use the computers in the library for things they weren’t designed for.
- More than just research.. Games, movies, etc.
- Wayfinding would be super important, undetectable
Molly Bitters wrote:
Amazon designed library

drone delivery
better catalog
personal recommendations important
all things, not just traditional materials
robotic retrieval
allowing purchase and rental from the same place
warehouse predicting for stock- nobody should have to wait for things
not returning items to home libraries, where ever it's returned that's where it stays
kiosks/lockers for pickup everywhere
Own proprietary products for using our services
massive data/usage tracking and assessment
self publishing - print on demand - marketplace for patron created content as part of the   
ability to make and share lists- reader's advisory, patrons are their own experts
wedding registries
brand driven content creation - tv shows, patrons can vote for the stuff they want to continue
 Heather Morgan wrote: & white
Facilitators for additional vendors/services
Open market place
Library as a distributor
Amazon's mission fits perfectly with libraries...user centric
Keep more info on libraries
Recommendations on what a user has read/borrowed
Streamline customer service
24/7 support
Squash local business
Drone delivery system
Hierarchy of users (prime vs Joe Schmo)
Greater access to additional media
Reorganization by categories
Localized community directory
Exclusivity of certain resources ( ex. Author only read
Self publishing
Reviews by users
Cloud storage
Eric Cohen wrote:
Our group used opposites:

For opposite library services here's what we came up with:

outdoor spaces
physical activities
tool collections
crowd-sourced reference
tv clubs
anti-book club
audio-book club
No cataloging - random
wikipedia categories
alternate cataloging
highlight people assets
Erica Bess wrote:

Opposite of technology classes
- technology house calls
- discovering ancient art

Opposite of borrowing items from library
- borrowing from others
- taking on the honor system

Opposite of librarians do storytimes
- what if kids do storytimes

Opposite of ibrary card
- finger print

Opposite of cafe provided by established restaurants
- Cooking classes where customers can supply the food from techniques they've learned

Quiet rooms
- Loud rooms

Information Desk
- Roving staff
Jim DeArmey wrote:
Here are our role storming ideas. We did technology in libraries as it would be done at Ikea:
Here's what we came up with...
Arrows on the floor
Tour through all departments
Big huge screen/monitor at the entrance with highlights, directions
Cutesy names for everything.
Difficult to follow instruction sheets
Talk to a gadget, get navigational tips
Gaming room for kids while parents are on computers - ball room to keep kids busy
Google glass
Augmented reality where you can look at photos of your place and see how the item will appear in your house.
Virtual Skype style library staff available at all spots.
Create spaces where people feel at home using technology - comfortable, welcoming maker spaces, computer instruction and labs.
Easy download from anywhere, scan and send to self
Lots of self service
Electronic shopping cart to collect your materials and information
Clear simple branding - blue/yellow example.
Family friendly. Place hops with families.
Place to eat, use tech, relax.
Lots of variety - big stuff, little stuff, trinkets.
[Place] where you can use lots of different types of technology.
Allison Parker wrote:
Brandstorming: Cambell’s Soup,New Ways of Using Tech in the Library
  • Very visual
  • Uniformity
  • Comfort in consistency. Battling against different approaches of service at different locations
  • Comfort food – comfortable space. Homey environment – digital and physical space
  • Easy navigation. Keep it simple!
  • Anticipating problems
  • Adapting recipes // adapting tech resources for personal use. One product can be used in many ways 
  • Digital signage – keep the brand consistent
  • Online contests – valuing all cooks in “kitchen
Matt Beckstrom wrote:
Design a new library with Lady GaGa -
Special collections on makeup, costumes, images, erotica, wigs
Lots of programs - performances
Physical layout of library would non-linear - abstract
Video archives of live performances
Haunted House
Musical instruments
Consortium with the Muppet's library
Human rights/diversity focused library
Alexander McQeen/Jean Paul Goutier design
Very tactile experience in the library
Interactive fashion for children and teens
Mike Campagna - Brandstorming as Nike


Fuelband to track most used areas.

Custom Maps within the library - Map out the library.

Service Points

Librarians are referees.

Nike ID
Customize your collection
Personal tech trainer

Market - Just Read It

Reading Logs
Summer Reading 
Getting Badges 
Personalized recommendation.

Music connects to music

Globalization of book clubs
Crowdsourcing book club picks

Kirsten Zelenky wrote:

Role Storming - Design of a new library
Phileas Fog
1.     Wits table….with others who understand the game (Wits)
2.     If I win bets, something special
3.     Space for only winners…special place where you can play to be
4.     Space for alone time
5.     Garden should be inside (not comfortable outside)
6.     All fines/fees must be donated to charity
7.     If you can’t read, you can get it in audio form (preferred language)
Michelle Obama
1.     Garden (seed packets, books, gardening tools)
2.     Lots of computers around to give everyone opportunities
3.     Dog park (dog run in garden)
4.     Composting facilities (would be outside)
5.     Good law collection
My grandson
1.     Projects for kids
2.     Live animals (perhaps in our garden area)
3.     Animals should be allowed in library
Thomas Jefferson
1.     Quiet space, dim light, books around me
2.     Conversation places
3.     Civil discourse (and explain how this should happen)
4.     Horse stable or trough
 Stacey Wicksall wrote:

Story based tutorials
Use tech from Ursala’s point of view
Bring the story outside of the book (screens)
Patrons have more access to do the creating with multi-media
Gamify everything
Virtual library with neighborhoods
Have a kids’ area that is a space related to a particular book/character and integrates tech
Hand held concierge devices to lead thru library
Characters do book reviews
Librarians become characters tied to specific technology services
Make checking out more seemless-no need for a library card
Use technology to be entertaining inside the library and pique curiosity about something within the library
Have a tech event that would be multi-media and motivates library use
Jim DelRosso wrote:

build it yourself
boxes of computer parts
coding modules for websites
putting together personal displays, collections
identify superusers who get specialized services, and get to build specific things and then build brand new stuff for everyone by mixing services
outreach to groups who don't get as much attention
build on existing intellectual properties or communities 
build things that are captivating and eyecatching
user reshelving program! (RFID could make it not an issue in terms of findability)
books that could be stuck together, virtual (subject terms, etc.)
bundling different types of books together a la Amazon
adjust looks/names of librarians to make them more approachable
build/design your own libraries with LEGOs; rebuild and design every year
modular library design, both furniture and web site
marketing: generate excitement to fanatical levels
 Marcia Kochel wrote:
Homer Simpson
Michelle Obama
Steve Jobs
Jane Goodall
Gordon Ramsey (chef)

Designing a New Library
beer fridge (corrected 4/11/2014)
dark, security control, unidentified location
VIP section
outdoor space with trees
exercise space
really simple, everything should make sense
lots of sparkly signs
nature sounds
free food
very clean and in perfect condition
sports on TV
highly dedicated, well-performing staff
resources for military families
should be pretty
resources for environmentalists, space for them to meet
a stage and a good sound system
space for security detail to relax and recharge
easy to charge Apple devices (and only Apple devices)
excellence should be the hallmark
have a special music collections room
free mp3s
great cookbook collection and food demonstrations by local vendors with lots of free samples
concierge service, delivery of materials
free cars
highly attractive and visually appealing
everything with rounded edges, no corners
needs a really big grand opening
no technology at all
someone to do everything you want for you
no dress code
highly starched uniforms
attention to presentation
Fair Trade coffee
Emily wrote: (added 4/8/2014)
Roles: Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Steve Jobs, Ray Crock (McDonalds), Frank Gary (architect), Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz
Question #1
Drive-thru for checkout
As wild on design outside as it is on the inside
Own servers
Strong WiFi
Comfortable couches--like home, baskets for carrying items
Banned books, darker materials, good witch/bad witch
Food: some sort of cafe --> special orders --> food for Toto (pets) --> feed kids/food programs
Put the kids in the basement! Seriously, own space for teens to make noise.
Colorful, like Oz
Swordfighting--incorporating mental and physical stimulation
Holo deck to allow for creativity
Multiple portals for gathering information/accessing the space

MaryAnn Keeling wrote: (added 4/10/2014)
Sookie of TruBlood (telepath, waitress, Southerner, friend of supernaturals) -
b/c she "hears" people's thoughts--sound proof rooms with windows
piped sound from the ceiling--a super Boze audio experience
inspired by her good service at Merlotte's--serves material, information, assists with internet to end-users
Food Bar; Beverage Bar
Urban Fantasy "Corner"
Lots of e-books, hardcopies, tablets to loan
Cinderella -
special corner in library---quiet area to read, etc.
good venue for story-telling
glass slippers
reading program area--shape of pumpkin
beautiful fantastical setting
Batman/alter ego Bruce Wayne -
unlimited budget
lot of IT (technology)
must have an "in group"
"maker lab"--3D printer, laser, IT toys
Extensive databases to do a lot of different research
posters of comic characters
Cathy Wortman wrote: (added 4/15/2014)

Our table's Long List on STEAM ideas.

* Art displays
* Local artist for programs
* Art classes
* Makerspaces
* Local band night
* Worm displays for summer reading
* Legos
* Manipulatives for math
* Innovation festival
* Gardening program
* Ant farms
* Aquariums
* Inscetartiums
* Astronomy night
* Business incubator space
* Career discussions
* Resume workshops
* Pi Day
* Cooking/baking with science involved.
* Math baseball
* App design
* Programming courses
* Traveling kits - raspberry pie
* STEM kits to checkout
* Tutoring
* Science & Tech for girls
* Vehicle program
* Sailing lessons
* Car care
* Recording technology
* Video production
* Play
* Pilot visits

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