Wednesday, April 09, 2014

#CILDC : Hacking the Librarian: Evolving Personal & Career Development - Jennifer Koerber

Description: It's old news that librarianship is changing as a profession, and we understand that library professionals need to change with it. But how? How do you learn to see yourself 5, 10, or 20 years down the line when we have no idea what's coming next spring? Learn from someone who has bootstrapped herself from a tech-nervous newbie to a code-savvy web librarian over the last 20 years, and brainstorm ways to evolve all your strengths, skills and interests into your next big thing.

Session Notes

Jennifer started with a quick overview of her career and interests.  She's not geek, but is surrounded by geeks. Osmosis is awesome.  She's a web services librarian, who is mostly self taught.

In 2006, when she looked at current MSLIS graduates, she panicked because - on paper - they were better.  Later that year, attended Internet Librarian, which reactivated her learning and jumped into the technologies of the day.

She began to advocate for a position of web services librarian and it was created in 2010, and she was awarded the position.

Jennifer -
Self taught, entirely
Need to know basis
Building on what you know
Play - push the buttons
Become comfortable with discomfort

We need to expect change.  The days of staying in the same job forever are gone.

She found the "Accidental..." Series was very helpful.  Also "What's the Alternative"

Stay informed:
Social media - friends and colleagues
Popular magazines and web sites
Gizmodo, CNet,Lifehacker, etc.
Major news sources

Technical conferences
Gaming conventions - must attend conferences 2014

You need to try to conquer your fears,whether you're afraid of technology, public speaking,etc.

You need to hack yourself as much as you need to.

You do need to be realistic:
Start with your current strengths and skills - find directions in which to grow
Do the job,push yourself - don't force yourself to be what you're not
Focus on your strengths, most passionate interests - stay aware of what else is out there

Engage all of your interests - that expanded knowledge will be useful as you do your job.  You will be more aware of the world.

"Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself."

What is your current role at work?
What do you enjoy most about it.
What are your current interests, inside and outside of work?
What skills have these interests fostered.
List at least 5 things that you've discovered during the conference.

Based on your lists, what possibilities do you see?
Pick one and list what you need to follow up on it?
Is it doable?  If not now, then in the next few years?

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