Thursday, March 21, 2013

#JSC2013: Rebecca Vargha - Mind Reading 101

Mind reading 101 is the class that they don't teach in library school. 

How can we communicate more clearly with staff, customers and stakeholders?

Managing customer expectations in libraries through effective communications

Communication (order is not important)
- asking the right questions
- create a clear and consistent message
- don't leap to conclusions
- recognize that people have different communication styles
- use good judgment
- know your audience
- know your communication style

How do people hear you?
- What we say is 7% of what they hear.
- How we say it is 38% of what they hear.
- Body language 55% of what they hear.

Book "How to talk so other people listen"
- listening requires that we give up our favorite human pastime - paying attention to our own selves.

Focused listening

Good / communication examples & lessons
- people and staff come with their own assumptions
- recognize that our users don't get as excited as we think they will be
- so much of our communication is electronic. No visual or vocal clues.
- use signage and graphics - experiment

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