Thursday, March 21, 2013

#JSC2013: Kathryn Lybarger - Ebookmobile 2.0 - Revamping services based on user feedback

We know how we catalogue ebooks, but how do patrons find them?
How we tell people about physical books doesn't always work well for ebooks.

Ebookmobile - she created this software
- New ebook feeds
- Pulls from voyager
- Feeds specified by call number ranges
- Easy to specify

Created some math-related feeds and sent them out to mathematicians

People wanted feeds for specific cataloguing statuses
- ebooks for the law library or med center
- ebooks with original cataloguing 
- feeds for specific types of non-ebooks
--- feeds based on subject headings
--- feed based on a series
--- feed based on a broad area like "Russia" no matter the material type
--- arbitrary database queries

Modified the software, but now a librarian needs to be involved to setup the feeds.  Provides the types of feeds that people are asking for.

Working in including a cover service.  Right now the info included in the feed is just the title.  Needs to figure out what information people want to see.

Ebook-mobile -> e-bookmobile

- Cache 
--- scripts run at night
--- feeds can be used  in multiple places

Need to work on understanding when an item should be considered new.
Feeds currently display the titles.  Want to include cover art.  Need to figure out what people want to see.

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