Monday, November 05, 2012

Using Copyrighted Works in Teaching: A Guide for Syracuse University Faculty

In August 2012, Syracuse University published its "Using Copyrighted Works in Teaching: A Guide for Syracuse University Faculty."  This guide contains information on using copyrighted works specifically in teaching and does not provide advice for using copyrighted materials in other situations.  The 27-page guide is written in plain language.  It has been made available on the SU web site for its own instructors and for those outside of the SU community that may be interested in it.

Amazingly, it has take a couple of months for me to sit down with a cup of tea to read the booklet.  Now that I've done so, I'm pleased with how it conveys the law and the options available to an instructor.  It does, though, leave the question of "now what?" 

In every university that is implementing guidelines for their instructors, there are instructors that need help transitioning from how they have done things in the past to how they should do things in the future.  This is not a "just do it" moment.  This is a time where individual faculty members may need or want specific guidance, and extra sets of hands to help with re-making their courses. I wonder if any universities are deploying staff to help with this?

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