Sunday, September 09, 2012

#RSQ12: Doing the right things differently

Last night and today, I have spent time walking about both Telluride and Mountain Village, and one thing stands out to me - This is an area that believes in doing the right thing.  For example:
  • There are recycling containers everywhere.
  • There are places for disposing of dog waste everywhere, too.
  • They have tried to limit people's use of cars by having free public transportation. The area is also geared for the use of bicycles.
  • There is an emphasis on sustainability.
  • There is an emphasis on being environmentally friendly.
Lots of areas believe in those things, but this area is putting its beliefs into action.

So let's think about libraries.  Are we willing to truly live our values?  I can hear you yelling, "Jill, we do!"  Consider these questions:
  • Has your library documented its values using terms that your community members can understand? 
  • Are your activities aligned with your values?
  • If your library is talking about topics such as sustainability and entrepreneurship, does your collection reflect those conversations?  Do your actions reflect those conversations? 
You might want to take these questions to a staff meeting or to a conversation around the coffee machine and discuss them.  If you're not living your values, now is the time to change that.

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Paul Signorelli said...

"Living your values" sounds like the perfect foundation for a semester-long course once you return from the conference. Thanks for the great reminder that magnificent achievements begin with that first tiny step of asking the right question. Looking forward to reading your updates from the conference.
--Paul Signorelli