Monday, May 03, 2010

New and improved!

After a long journey and the assistance of Josh Shear, I've updated the format of my web site and blogs (Digitization 101 and eNetworking 101).  For the first time, everything has a consistent look and feel, and everything is integrated together! 

One of thing you'll find everywhere on the site now is a Meebo "window" that will allow you to communicate in real time with me, if I'm online.  I've been using a MeeboMe widget for years and am glad to finally have it all over the place.  So if you have a quick question or comment, your can chat with me rather than sending email.

You'll also notice links to many of the places that I hang out online like Twitter.  You can use these to find out more about me or to make a connection with me.  (The only caveat is that I truly use LinkedIn to connect with professionals whom I know.)

By the way, early on in the process, Josh asked me to name five web sites that I admired (in function or look) and why.  If you or your organization are going to update your web site, I would encourage you to answer that question for yourself.  Yes, it is okay to like very different web sites. What is important to the designer is know what you like and find important, especially since we all "know it when we see it". 

Finally, I've heard of organizations that are going to take multiple years to update their web sites.  Really?  Our expectations of online environments are constantly changing.  If you're web site is not matching you needs (let alone your users' needs), you can't take years to change it.  It has to change now and then you have to be committed to continually updating it in order to continually match your users' needs.  If you plan a new web site this year, but don't implement it for two years, it will already be out of date.

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