Monday, May 03, 2010

People to listen to and learn from concerning copyright law

In my last lecture for the copyright course I've been teaching this semester, I provided a list of people whom I consider good to listen to for their views and knowledge on copyright law.  These are people whose opinions I cherish and whom I (and others) can learn from.  My list:
In addition, I would add two more that I should have mentioned:
This is an area where I believe you need to not only read the law (yes...please read it), but you also need to listen to those who have studied it.  They can help you understand any nuances and show you the bigger picture.  They can also provide context for why the law is as it is, and help you see the forces at work to change it (or change how we think about it).

Finally, I have to say that my students gave lots of "thumbs up" to the book Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators by Kenneth Crews. This is a book that was useful as a textbook and will continue to be useful as they head into the work-world.

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