Monday, December 28, 2009

NYPL Digital Gallery & sharing images

If you haven't seen it, then take a few moments to go to the New York Public Digital Gallery, do a search and then see the options they have for sharing images. They provide the code for linking to an image as well as the code for embedding an image, like:

Nubian women at Kortie, on the... Digital ID: 1263773. New York Public Library

In fact, if you click on that photo, you'll go to its web page and see the link options on the lower right.

Having content shareable is what we all want. Nice to see NYPL actually doing it. I don't know who is the person behind this (perhaps Josh Greenberg), but whomever it is deserves "two thumbs up".


Anonymous said...

It would be even better if all the images were acquired and displayed correctly.

"Mr. Friedman and the library subsequently never agreed on terms, although the library has at times claimed to hold the copyright on his pictures, charging fees to users."

Mike Cane said...

It's been going on since 2007, when I stumbled upon it and used it:

The NYPL Won’t Know What Hit Them Now…

Unknown said...

Thanks for noticing this! The best thing about offering embed codes is that enabling this kind of reuse is good for both users and the reduces friction for users, and makes it more likely that they'll link back to us in a structured way rather than just downloading and re-uploading the image file (in the process severing the connection with NYPL as a collecting institution).