Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Assessing user needs

I was asked recently about how people are assessing user needs before beginning a digitization program. As I researched information for my answer, I found these links which I thought I would pass along to you.
By the way, most of the assessment I've seen, in order to justify a digitization program and help with material selection, has been done by (1) surveying users or (2) looking at usage trends. What have you done?


Stuart Dempster said...

In the UK we have a number of FREE tactical tools, supported by real world case studies for example how the BBC developed the iPlayer (video on demand) service and FREE workshops taking place over 2010. If you are interested plese Google SCA Blog http://sca.jiscinvolve.org/ for more information. These are freely available to an international audience under Creative Commons licences.

Richard Davies said...

JISC Strategic Content Alliance work might also be worth looking at.

They have produced some excellent resources - http://sca.jiscinvolve.org/audience-publications/

They are also running free half day audience analysis workshops in London on 29 Jan 2010 - http://survey.jisc.ac.uk/scaworkshop

Jill Hurst-Wahl said...

Stuart & Richard, your comments are very helpful. Good to know that you have workshops coming up. Thank you!

The audience publications that Stuart referred to are at http://sca.jiscinvolve.org/audience-publications/.