Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A new outlet for publishing in Digital Preservation Management and Technology announced

Received via email from the publisher Emerald.

Announcing "Digital Preservation Management and Technology", a new section in The Electronic Library journal. Section Co-editors are Dr Gillian Oliver and Professor G E Gorman Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Digital preservation management and technology are two inter-related issues confronting all memory institutions: libraries, archives, galleries and museums. Such institutions are addressing very similar questions regarding the management of preservation activities and of preserved artifacts, as well as the technologies required to preserve, disseminate and access these artifacts. For many, this has been the unexpected consequence of rushing to reformat existing collections to enable digital accessibility. Resourcing issues (shortage of expertise, limited availability of funding) are forcing collaborative activity to an unprecedented degree between the distinctly different collecting paradigms represented by these institution types. As the functionality of web technologies and social media software increasingly influence the ways in which these institutions operate, the focus on DPMT, on collaboration between technologists and managers, and on inter-institutional collaboration will increase. It is therefore timely to consider devoting a significant section of an existing journal (The Electronic Library) to capture interest and research in this sector.

In time, Digital Preservation Management and Technology may become a full journal, the focus of which will be research in the broad field of digital preservation management and related technologies in this cross-sectoral domain, which includes academic, corporate, government, scientific and commercial contexts. It will address issues relating to the continuity of digital information, including digital objects, metadata and the context of their creation, management and use. It will encompass all purposes for which information is managed by the different occupational groups: as evidence, for accountability, for knowledge and awareness and for pleasure and entertainment. Coverage is intentionally international. The emphasis will be on research and conceptual papers in these fields.

Articles should be either conceptual papers or research papers in the region of 3000-6000 words.

All submissions will be double-blind peer reviewed. by members of the Editorial Advisory Board.

There will be an international Editorial Advisory Board whose specific task will be to double blind peer review submissions. The 20-30 Board members will be from North America, the UK, Australasia, Asia and elsewhere.

Submissions please, to Digital Preservation Management and Technology at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tel

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